At DLC Sherlock Mortgages, we practice common-sense steps to ensure a successful outcome for your commercial mortgage, and we do it all within the first 48 hours of first contact.

First, we collect financial and transaction information about your business or commercial project.

Second, we determine whether your loan request is bankable.   If not, we tell you why and what needs to be done to make it bankable.  We will not waste your time.

Third, we call to lenders to check appetite and terms.  This ensures lenders give full consideration to your credit application.  It helps us:

–  assess how aggressively we can push on lender interest rates,
–  refine the information requirements,
–  forecast a closing timeline, and
–  identify indicative rates and fees that will add value to your business.

Fourth, we call you to discuss the lender feedback.  If we can add value, we present a cost-effective fee structure so that you can make a decision.

Upon engagement, you have our commitment to work towards completing the commercial application and closing the loan on time while minimizing costs in all categories from lender fees and rates to environmental, appraisal and legal fees.

With a bankable deal and interested lenders, our closing rate is high.  You can sleep easy knowing your business loan is well on its way to getting approved and closed.