Commercial Mortgages

DLC Sherlock Mortgages has extensive experience in the following commercial mortgages:

Cannabis                                                               Churches
Community Centres                                          Golf Courses
Green-field Construction                                 Hospitality
Industrial Buildings and Warehouses          Land and Marinas
Mixed Use Retail                                                   Multi-Family Apartments
Office Buildings                                                    Residential Developments
Retirement Homes                                              Strip Malls

CMHC Insured Mortgages:

DLC Sherlock Mortgages is a direct correspondent with CMHC.  We secure attractive insurance premiums which lowers your overall borrowing costs for:

  • High-rise & mid-rise condominiums
  • Freehold properties (single family home developments, townhouses etc.)
  • Apartments/condominiums to be built for rental purposes
  • Retirement & Nursing home developments
  • Mixed use property development, where the residential component represents at least 80% of the overall project.
  • Student housing developments

Mezzanine/Secondary Financing:

DLC Sherlock Mortgages can access funds for mezzanine and secondary financing to suit your needs.  In cases, we fund up to 100% of the project costs.